Preventative Maintenance

There are four types of maintenance

   1. Corrective Maintenance:

               This type of maintenance usually occurs once a problem has already shown itself. This type of maintenance is

               effective when you plan to run to failure on a machine due to cost and or convenience to repair.

   2. Preventative Maintenance:

                 This type of maintenance is done at specific intervals based on criteria setup to maintain your machines

                 optimal performance, while also reducing the risk of a catastrophic failure.

   3. Risk Based Maintenance:

                  This type of maintenance allows you to go through and prioritize your machines and utilize your

                   resources an machines with the highest priority.

   4. Conditioned Based Maintenance:

                   This type of maintenance uses continuous monitoring of you machine that will show any degradation in

                    the performance of your machine based on real time analysis that will alert you when it is time to perform


                         There is no wrong way of doing your preventative maintenance, as long as you do your maintenance.

          Each of the above listed ways of maintenance have a place within your company and based on your resources.

          We are all aware that when we purchase an automobile there are some things that must be done for a vehicle

           to last as long as possible. Some choose to do just the basics i.e. change the oil , rotate the tires,and change the

           windshield wipers regularly. While doing these basic things  its a good bet your vehicle will last a long time and

           all on a minimum budget. Others may go well beyond the basics choosing to be prepared for a catastrophic

           failure and do every maintenance item listed by the manufacturer of that vehicle, this person is also not wrong

           and the vehicle may very well out last the vehicle where the person did just the basics. There is no program out

           there that can 100% predict when your machine is going to fail but there are numerous ways we can monitor

           and prepare ourselves for the worst. We can maintain our equipment in any one of the four ways listed above.

           We will assist you in coming up with a common sense approach to maintaining your equipment. The absolute

           worst thing you can do for your equipment is nothing at all and just hope for the best. A good plan can go along way.