Cad Design

     Every great idea starts in ones mind, but it doesn’t end there. Ideas must be planned, changed, and documented throughout the process of making an idea into a reality. Cad allows you to document exact specifications for an idea, and also allows changes to be easily made. Whether we are helping you design a new part for a machine or just preparing a  drawing of that existing part for replication we can assist you by either drawing it up for you or assisting you with your plan and design.

Encoder Gear

This is an encoder gear that was drawn for print when the original failed, and a replacement was not readily available. We were able to draw, print, and have the machine back up and running in a few hours.

Mist Collector Duct Adaptor

Replacement coupling for a piece of duct work that connected a machine to a mist collector system, upon failing the lead time was two weeks, while we were able to draw this coupling in cad and install in 24 hrs.

Drive Belt

When  a conveyor failed due to a broken belt, we were able to draw and print a replacement . The lead time to order this belt in was several days , fortunately the conveyor was only down for a few hours.

Motor cooling fan

A simple solution to some missing cooling fans where the replacements again were not readily available.