3D Consulting

3D Industrial Solutions can be a real game changer for almost any manufacturing application, Let us show you how to save on average of 90% of your cost on wearable items such as conveyor profiles, grippers, material handling profiles,gaskets for valves,etc… the possibilities are endless.


PM Planning

We offer a preventative maintenance Planning service that enables companies to manage uptime of their facilities equipment by creating a plan that is easily written scheduled and tracked. we create a plan that increases production by producing fewer crisis repairs making the equipment more efficient.


Thermal Imaging

Using thermographic imaging we are able to detect potential electrical failures before they happen, thermal imaging allow us to see what the naked eye cannot allowing us to give the customer an opportunity to repair failing bearings , fuses , hydraulic ,pnuematic systems before they fail


Cad Design

Whether you need a print for a design change or if you need a print converted for 3d printing we can meet your needs.


Who We Are

          We are a skilled trades maintenance team that continually faced challenges with cost, availability, and lengthy lead times for design changes and repair. We knew there had to be a more effective and efficient way to manage our up time and schedule capacities. It was then we fell upon 3D printing. We realized a vast field of opportunities. We discovered that we could make significant improvements to our conveyor profiles and tooling processes.  This eliminated waiting several weeks for a design changes from outside engineering firms and machine shops.  It also reduced the need for multiple revisions to the design.  We began drawing up the design changes ourselves, and converted files into 3D printable files. This was a real game changer. In a matter of months we made our cost back 10 fold saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in design, inventory,machining, and downtime costs. This technology is the future and we want to share our successes with other manufacturing companies.  This will give our clients a competitive edge to take them to a next level.  This is our story, and it could be yours too!